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Kitchen Remodel

I love it when a client has an idea and I am able to translate into exactly what they are looking for! Take this kitchen for example; they wanted to stay true to their Spanish Colonial by using the same tile they originally had and still be able to create a space large enough to house this custom made table in the center. This allowed everyone to congregate while the chef is cooking…..

Architect - Kari Richardson

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Adding Drama to your Bathroom

When you have a half bath, why not wow your guests when they open the door! Wallpaper is a great way to achieve that look. If you aren’t bold enough to wallpaper the whole room, then opt for one wall.


How it all works…..

INITial Consultation

This process involves getting know your needs and taste. What inspires you and understand the way you want to live.


This is where it all comes together. This will allows you to visualize everything that has been selected and make the necessary changes to color, furniture and accessories.


Unless you are purchasing yourself, this is where I help to manage that everything is being done correctly and efficiently.


This is where you see the finished product come together and you get to enjoy the space!